Kyle Minton

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a library assistant with Wake County Public Libraries in their Adult Services department and have enjoyed working within the system for over two years now.

What is your favorite book? What makes this book your favorite?

“Merchants of Doubt” by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes, which reads like a True Crime novel for environmental negligence. I consider it an essential read in modern times, particularly as narratives around false information or “fake news” proliferate.

What impact have books had on your life?

Reading across all of its many forms–magazine articles, personal blogs and essays, or even a graphic novel–has allowed me to form an empathetic, whole-person oriented outlook in life. Good texts that reveal hidden truths or lesser known experiences in the world push me to continuously seek further social justice education outside of my work and studies.

Describe your relationship with libraries

Libraries have been the most supportive work environments I have ever found myself in, which I credit to their incredible purpose: to continuously strive to better our services and provisions for our local communities.