From the ALA: Congress is expected to take action on legislation that includes significant funding opportunities for libraries and education by midnight tonight. Originally including $5 million, possible IMLS funding has increased to $135 million in a revised edition of the HEROES II Act for COVID-19 relief. It is critical that we continue to put pressure on our government leaders to push this through. Find the contact information for your Members of Congress and other elected officials here. Read more about the HEROES II Act, IMLS-specific funding, and other funding points of interest for education, internet access, and the Census:

HEROES II proposal includes:

IMLS: $135 million to support libraries and museums with costs and expenses associated with coronavirus, including operational supports and providing technology and resources for their communities.


  • $12 billion for Wi-Fi Hotspots & devices for students and libraries
  • $3 billion for Emergency Home Connectivity

Education: $225 billion

Funding breakdown:

  • K-12: $175 billion 
  • Higher Ed: $38.9 billion 
  • $5 billion for Emergency School Facilities Repairs 
  • $4 billion for Governors fund to restore state and local funding 
  • $2 billion for Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools and Tribal Colleges and Universities
  • $32 million for National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading and math assessments

Library of Congress: $12 million for unanticipated IT costs & telework expenses

NEA: $135 million for grants to respond to the impacts of COVID

NEH: $135 million for grants to respond to the impacts of COVID

National Archives: $92 million for losses and telework

Census: $400 million for expenses related to delays in counting

Worker Training: $1.2 billion supporting state grants for dislocated worker employment and training activities, including summer employment for youth and distance learning services through one-stop programs.