October is National Book Month! In celebration of reading and literacy across North Carolina, consider telling the story about how books have shaped you and the impact they have had on your life. Please complete this form to be featured on the North Carolina Library Advocacy & Legislation Committee website as well as TwitterInstagram, and Facebook. This project is open to everyone, so feel free to share! If you’d like to follow along with this campaign, you can search for this hashtag on social media: #BooksThatShapedMe. If you have any questions, please email nclibraryadvocacy@gmail.com or message us on Twitter.

Hear from our Team and how books have shaped their lives…

“Growing up, books introduced me to the wonderful world of history and helped to foster my interest in the humanities. It would later shape my educational and professional trajectory and love of reading.” 

Alexandra Voorhees, Social Media and Web Manager for NC Library Advocacy, is a current MLIS student at UNC Greensboro in the School of Education. She chose to tell her story using Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief.” Follow her on Twitter.

“Growing up on the American prairie I felt a profound interest and connection with the people who homesteaded and settled in the region more than 100 years before my birth. Kirsten Larson’s story was endlessly fascinating to me for this reason. Her story fueled and fostered my love of history which I still seek in the books I select today.”  

Martha McGehee, Intern for the NC Library Advocacy Committee, is a current MLIS student at UNCG. She chose to highlight Meet Kirsten by Janet Beeler Shaw, which she loved in her childhood, as a pivotal book in the development of herself as a reader.